Fly, my second book

I’ve just finished the second BIG read through, rewrite, edit pass.

It’s a fairy tale about a Princess who has no gravity, based on the story The Light Princess by George MacDonald, written in 1864. I read the Light Princess to my kids this summer and was inspired to adapt it.

In my version, the Princess flies, but not because of magic. Perhaps it’s a lack of attachment? The Prince is earthbound, and not a prince at all. He’s a surfing village boy, Hank, a guitar strumming, lyric crooning, hottie. The Princess Amelia loves punk rock, throws giant parties and has not a care in the world. The prince cares too much about everything going on, the King has signed contracts with Fluid Gold Inc to build a dam. They’re storing the water away and selling it back at exorbitant prices. The villagers are thirsty and Hank goes to the Princess Amelia for help.

If my last book Bright, was any indication,  I have about 10 more editing passes to go, but I also think I’m much farther beyond where I was then. I  built Bright on the bones of a short story, and tweaked and grew and pruned from there. It was unwieldy at times.

Fly poured out as a full story, first pass. Thank you, NANoWriMo. And I love the characters. Wait until you meet Hank. He’s awesome.

If you’d like to read the first chapter you can have it, if you sign up for my email newsletter. You’ll receive a .pdf. I hope you like!

Then, I would love three readers who have an empty bookshelf right now and would like to read for me, and give me some general idea about what you think so far. Like, if it needs to sped up or slow down, and what parts you want more more more of.  I’ll send it in .pdf or .epub or .mobi. As a thank you, you will be thanked in the acknowledgements ;o)


How about, if you’re interested, comment below, finishing this sentence:

I need to read a fairy tale right now because…


I’ll pick from the responses  on the evening of March 16th!