It’s been awhile…

Because I’m wading through my newest book, deep, okay, I’m snorkeling. Got my mask on and my breathing-tubey thing, a girl has to breathe, though it ain’t easy all the time when my newest hotties keep taking their clothes  off.

Here’s the thing, this book is probably—adult.

Perhaps—New Adult.

But when I look up New Adult all the covers sport naked male chests.

I’m not sure I get that market place. I mean don’t get me wrong, my guy, Edmund, is willing to take his shirt off, but he doesn’t have to.  He has other ways.

My new book is called, Violet’s Mountain. I’m looking for beta readers. Have you ever been a beta reader before? I give you a copy (kindle or ipad) and you read and tell me what you think. I have a questionaire for you.

The book should be ready for betas in about a week, so if you and yours want to help direct its direction, please send me a note:

hd  at  hdknightley dot com