Narrators are creating Audiobooks as we speak!

front coverbestMy book, Fly; The Light Princess Retold,  is being made into an audiobook, by this perfectly awesome person: Ian McEuen. I KNOW!

Violet's-Mountain-Cover-smallest-of-allMy romance, Violet’s Mountain, is being made into an audiobook, by Matt Meyer (I picked him because his voice had just enough Keanu Reeves to perfectly portray Edmund, the hot, tragic surfer boy.)

Bright best
Note the new cover, awesome, huh?

And Bright is being turned into an audiobook right now by the magical voice of Robin Jill. She is an actress, singer, and storyteller in Chicago, and when we listened to her audition my kids said, “Mom, It’s like she gets you.” I hope she loves me so she’ll do all three of the books ;o)

So yeah, a LOT of audiobook news. Thank you so much for following along. Have you signed up for my email list yet, you’ll be the the first to know when the audiobooks go live!

Kisses and hugs!

H. D. Knightley