New Release, Sid and Teddy + Free Books!

I have a ton of news and yet need to pace myself so firstly:

My book Bright (Book One of the Estelle Series) is free (along with some other great YA books you might like, scroll down, I’m near the bottom) here:

And this is pressing: Sid and Teddy will be released to the world on March 23, 2017. Three days, Aaaagh. I’m terrified and excited. I need rampant readers, kindly reviewers, and good positive vibes. So, to that end, here it is free for you:

Sid and Teddy

If you’ve read it already, thank you.
Yes, Sid needs a hug, and I agree, Teddy is awesome,
and I KNOW, I did not see Gavin coming.
I created a Dream Cast the other day, let me know if this seems right:

Sid Dalton played by Olivia Holt:

Teddy Ayers played by Cody Christian:

Gavin played by this hunky guy (don’t know his name ;o):

I may need to write to you again this week, book release and all, and there are more free books to come, but grab these while you can. And phew. That was a lot. But whenever I feel overwhelmed by it all I just look at that gif right up there, oh yeah.