About Sid and Teddy



In the tradition of John Green, Gayle Forman, and Rainbow Rowell—The kind of book that requires a box of tissues for all the feels.

Sid loves Teddy.

She’s loved him since they went surfing together that day in Malibu.
He’s loved her since he wore a cape safetypinned to his shoulders, in public.

But it’s hard to love someone when you’ve been bestfriends forever. It’s complicated.

And when Sid loses her mom, with a crash and a crush and a suffering blow, the last thing she needs is complicated, right?
She needs easy.
She needs to take fate by the hand and follow.
She needs a hot rockstar to kiss her sadness away and a sign from her mom that it will all be okay.
But especially she needs her best friend, Teddy.

Because friendship, love, life it’s all messy, every bit of it.

“Sometimes I would laugh, sometimes I would get mad, and sometimes I came close to crying. It was very enlightening to see the changes and feel a long with them.” — J. Fox

“…Knightley is amazing at channeling boy super heroes, and fragile, yet strong young women.” —A. Conrad