Tiny Story Two : Hank and Princess Amelia from Fly; The Light Princess Retold

Hank placed his surfboard up against the side of the house and called, “Amelia? Are you home?”

Her high tinkling laugh emitted through the window. “Hank!”

He trudged through the sand to the front door, stamped his feet on the mat, and stepped inside. Amelia swooped down and hovered in front of him, her feet kicking near the ceiling, her arms languidly flowing through the air currents of their small beach bungalow. Her smile was wide, her face bright, she said, “I have a present for you—” and then she clamped her hands over her mouth. She giggled, “I was going to keep that a secret until tonight at the party!”

Hank laughed, “You kept that secret for about two seconds.”

She sighed a pretend, overly dramatic, sigh. “Hank, presents can’t wait. They just can’t. That two seconds was excruciating.” Hank held up his hand and Amelia grasped it and gently floated down until her feet were on the floor.

She kissed Hank on the lips, and said, “Would you like it now or at the party?”

He wrapped her in his arms, she was solid, grounded, returned to earth. He screwed his face up, “Let’s see. It’s a Christmas present, and we promised each other that we weren’t going to do Christmas presents this year because we were donating all our time, energy, and money to the rebuilding efforts in the village. You said yourself, ‘Hank, I don’t want any presents this year, I just want my presents to go to needy children,’ you said that just two days ago, and now you have a present for me, and I don’t have one for you, so maybe at the party, so I can go shopping this afternoon.”

“Nope, I don’t want anything and you promised me. I’ve known you for a long time and you are a man of your word Hank, no presents.”

“But you got one for me? You aren’t a princess who keeps your promises?”

“Princesses don’t have to keep their promises, it’s one of the perks of being a princess.”

“I see.”

“And I broke this promise because the present was so perfect. And so necessary. And you need it. Probably right now.”

“Okay, now then.”

Amelia clapped her hands, happily, as her feet floated up behind her and she ascended to the ceiling. She swished her arms and turned and dolphin-kicked down the hall. “It’s in the kitchen!”

Hank followed her to their table. In the middle was a box, wrapped in sky-blue paper that matched Amelia’s hair, and tied with a silver ribbon. She clapped again and exclaimed, “Do you like?”

Hank laughed again and effusively said, “The wrapping is gor-geous!”

Amelia said, “Isn’t it just perfect!”

Amelia wrapped her hand around Hank’s bicep and slowly dropped to the ground again, landing softly. Her gravity back she said, “I love you Hank Campbell.”

“I love you too, Amelia Campbell.”

“You’ve been working so hard for everyone else for so long, carrying around the weight of the world, and I just, I see it, how big your heart is, how heavy the burden is, and I just—oh just open it.”

Hank smiled and pulled the box toward him. He untied the bow and glanced at Amelia who was nodding excitedly. He ripped off the paper and Amelia said, “Yay!” And applauded his unwrapping. And then he opened the box and peered inside. There was a glass sphere nestled in tissue paper. He reached down and pulled it up. It was about six inches in diameter, thick glass. In the center was a chaotic twist of a knot of sky blue gossamer silk strands that shimmered and sparkled and wrapped and coiled, slowly twisting inside the larger glass sphere. Hank turned the sphere around and around in his hand, while the middle twisted and turned independently of the outer sphere, “It’s beautiful, what is it?”

“Inside is magical air, Hank, it’s the tailwind of a flying princess, the currents that lift me up, the air that flows around, and in the middle, that sparkling silver place? That’s a bit of my laughter, I caught it all for you and put it inside this. Whenever I’m not around, this is a bit of the magic that is me, for you, and small enough that you can carry it. I hope it will give you lift.” She beamed. “Do you like it?”

“I do, I love it.” Hank smiled and twisted the sphere a few more times.

“And there’s a stand, so you can put it down, so your hands will be free to hold me, kiss me, hug me. That’s a hint.”

Hank chuckled and placed the sphere carefully back in the box and hugged his arms around Amelia lifting her feet up from the ground. He kissed her on her forehead, on the cheek, and then on her lips. “You’re the best. Thank you. This is already the best Christmas I’ve had in a long long time.”

“And it’s only just begun. Boomer is coming to get me in a few minutes, the bands are setting up, the doors open in three hours. You sir, need to hit the showers, there’s a party!” Amelia let go and floated toward the ceiling, kicking off the door jam and spiraling across the living room to the bedroom, saying to herself, in her airy singsong voice, “I love parties!”


Amelia and Hank are the two main characters of the novel, Fly; The Light Princess Retold. This tiny story takes place after their fairytale ending.  You can read the full book here (I’m posting it chapter by chapter) or sign up for my newsletter at hdknightley.com and I’ll send you the full e-book.

Tiny Story One : Estelle and William from The Estelle Series

I was reading through a stupid proposal from the department of housing and development when I heard a soft knock on my office door.

My eyes checked the time, oh no, I was very late.

William entered. “Busy?”

“Did I miss dinner?” I clicked save on the proposal and shoved the screen away.

William pulled off his overcoat, dropped into a chair across from my desk, placed the bags on the ground and rustled through one. “You didn’t miss it, I brought it. I know you wanted to make it to Terran’s in time—”

I started to protest and he held up his hands to stop what I was going to say: That I meant to, I wanted to, I still hoped to. But he had heard that all before, many times. So I bit my tongue as he finished, “But you didn’t. No one holds it against you. They all say hello. And Terran says he misses you.”

He placed a bundle in front of me. I untied the string and pulled back the cloth and revealed a plate, with roasted chicken, a spinach salad with cranberries and goat cheese, and some spaghetti squash. It looked delicious and still warm.

William handed me a fork.

“You saved me from stuffing dinner bars in my mouth as I raced across New City crying because I missed dinner.” I took a bite of salad.

He said, “You have to remember that we’re all in this together, you might sit in the office, but we’re all in your corner.”

I nodded, chewing chicken that was seasoned with lemon pepper, one of my favorites. “Who was there?”

“Terran, Sunny, Frederick, me. Cameron and Katie stopped by just in time for dessert.”

I was twirling my fork in the spaghetti squash when he said dessert, and I asked, “Something sweet?”

“Absolutely.” He opened the second bag and brought out a wrapped loaf of some kind. I pulled the paper off to find pound cake. “My favorite! Who made it?”

“Sunny.” He reached into his jacket’s inside pocket and handed me a small jar of honey. I unscrewed the lid and tipped the jar over a slice. “You thought of everything, but also, what’s in the last bag?”

He innocently asked, “There’s a last bag?”

I grinned wider.

He said, “We’ll get to that after your hands aren’t sticky.”

I smiled, “My lips are sticky too.”

“And I didn’t bring a napkin.” He leaned across the desk and kissed me sweetly on my lips. Pausing there, inches from my face, he said, “I missed you today. The only thing that got me through was knowing that your work is important, also that it won’t be forever.”

“True, two years but it feels like forever when I’m dealing with ridiculous demands.” William dropped back to his seat, quietly, listening, so I continued. “They want me to okay new construction on the southern side of the city, William. It’s so beautiful, dark, and forested there, and I can’t let them. I told them to focus instead on rebuilding a portion of the gold quarter in Old Town. I even used that new term you coined, new-vitalizing—”

“They didn’t fall for that?”

“Their latest proposal wasn’t even close. And here I am arguing over building projects when the big thing I want to accomplish is turning off the damned Sky Projector, and I can’t do it because there’s a whole bunch of jobs tied to it, a lot of people relying on it, and strangely people like it. I took over the government, but I can’t do any big things, just small compromises with imbeciles.” I smiled. “Don’t tell them I said that.”

William gave me a half smile, “I don’t talk to them on principle.” He looked at me intently, “You know what I’m going to say, right?”

I said, “That it’s only for a couple of years, just a matter of months if you think about it, also the path to change is long, find the compromise, imagine the third way, keep my eyes forward on the—blah, blah, blah.”

“I can see you’re paying attention.” William smiled. “I won’t say anything, won’t tell you what to do. I’m just proud of you. That’s all I’m going to say.”

He was leaned back in his chair, sexy, relaxed. Looking at me intently. I decided to quit feeling sorry for myself for having to run the whole entire world and instead turn this night around.

I slowly climbed across my desk, aiming for William’s lips, pretending to want a kiss, but at the end reaching down for the last bag and lifting it. “Mine?”

He shook his head slowly. “You are incorrigible. And that Stelley, is a present.”

“For me?” I batted my eyes, laying on my belly across my desk, holding the present in front of me. He nodded.

I backed off the desktop pulling the bag to my lap. I reached inside and pulled out a box wrapped in red paper and tied with a string. “Why?”

William stood, walked around my desk, and leaned on it. “Because today is December 25th.”

I squinted up at him. “Yes?”

“Historically this date is called Christmas.”

I looked at the package dumbly. He added, “A holiday that used to be celebrated by giving people you love presents.”

I said, “All I needed to know was—presents, not on my birthday. Can I open it now?”

He grinned, “Of course.”

I ripped the paper open to reveal a cardboard box. Suddenly it felt precious, so I placed it gently on the desk and opened the lid. Inside was tissue paper and when I peeled that away, a shiny glass ball. I stood, reached down, and pulled it gingerly from the box. It was about six inches in diameter, heavy, smooth, shiny glass, the outer wall was clear and thick, and inside was a free floating smaller sphere, painted like a suspended, glistening, glittering world. When I turned the sphere to the right, the world floating inside spun to the left. “It’s beautiful.”

“And if we turn off the lights.” He pushed the overhead light’s button, throwing us into a hazy grey darkness.


The interior sphere sparkled with tiny dots of light. And the outer glass was full of tiny pinpricks of glittering lights like stars. I spun it back and forth watching the lights glimmer and sparkle. It was so beautiful that I felt kind of untethered, tears welled up.

William said, “This Stelley, is the whole entire world, you just have to hold it and keep it safe, I can’t think of anyone better suited for the job.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Also, note the stand, you get to put it down whenever you want. You can leave it here, at the office, go home, and it will still be here when you return in the morning.” William placed a circular stand on my desk, and I placed the sphere down on it. I marveled at the way it glowed and sparkled for a moment, and then I stood up. William wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on my forehead, in that best place, right at the edge of my hair.

I nuzzled in, hugged, and then I looked up, placed my hands on his cheeks, kissed him, and said, “Let’s go home.”


William and Estelle are the two main characters of the YA trilogy, Bright, Beyond, and Belief. This tiny story is a glimpse at their lives after the trilogy ends.

Published exclusively on Amazon: The Estelle Series. Bright is also available as an audiobook!


Paperweights, Tiny Holiday Stories from the Worlds of H.D. Knightley

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Tiny Story One : Estelle and William from The Estelle Series

(This is a Spoiler because it begins 11 months after the series ends.)

Tiny Story Two : Princess Amelia and Hank from Fly; The Light Princess Retold

(This is a Spoiler because it begins after the fairytale ending.)

Tiny Story Three : Violet, Edmund, Lala, and Benjamin

(Ditto, Spoiler alert.)


book marketing, experiment #29

Because book marketing is tricky and what works is constantly changing, I have to be experimental, agile, and forgiving about my misfires. (And there have been many misfires.)

And quite a few lulls.


that spike on June 23? It’s a giveaway of about a 900 books. Kicked things into high gear for about a week and then it flattened out again.

So then I was sent a link to this book:

How to Hit #1 in the Amazon Free Store by Jeff Bennington, and I decided to apply his steps. Come to find out that first giveaway, wasn’t big enough. I needed a giveaway that was enormous and would move me up the Amazon rankings. And to do that my friends I would have to spend some moolah.

I set my free days for August 15, 16, 17. At first it was for Bright, then I added Beyond and Belief too. See that negative dip above? That’s probably someone who bought my books saying, hey, what the heck, refunding them and getting them for free instead.

See this graph below? That’s the free books in that first green hump, mid August:


First, I asked Bookbub.com to promote my giveaway, they’re expensive, also considered the lead-maker, also too exclusive for my books, they turned me down. So whatevs, this is what I did instead:

  • DigitalBookToday.com ran a free promo for Bright, but then I added the $30 Deal/Book of the Day
  • Booksends.com cost $60 for Bright on August 15th in the Young Adult category
  • FreeBooksy.com cost $75 for Bright in Young Adult on August 16th
  • I asked BKnights@fiverr to run a promotion for Bright on August 15 to 4800 for $5, but to schedule it fast I paid $11
  • Fussy Librarian $5 for a listing for Bright
  • Then on the days of the giveaways I boosted two posts through Facebook.com/hdknightley, they were photo memes and cost $25

I did the math, total: $206

During the giveaway I got to the top of the Amazon Bestseller list for Dystopian (Free books, which is seperate.) for both Bright and Belief, and Beyond was just a page down. I was really psyched.


But I realized I made a mistake. I paid for marketing for the first two days then continued the giveaway for another day with no buzz. That day my book downloads fell off sharply. And then when my books went to full price there were barely any accidental or intentional buys. Oops.

Then it seemed like not much happened for a few days and then this:screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-9-57-58-am

see that rise in the blue? Those are page reads through the Kindle Unlimited program. It took a few days but readers were findng my books. And this happened:

On August 28, Bright jumped to #88 on the Amazon Best Sellers Dystopian Romance paid list. That’s top 100, baby, same list as Divergent. Not overall, but still, so good compared to what came before. And readers read the heck out of my book that week, too.screen-shot-bright-88-dystopian-aug-28

In the three weeks since the Giveaway of Bright, Beyond, and Belief started, I made back $132.49. Not in the black yet, but hey, I’ll let you know how it goes.

I hope that helps you as you strategize and market, I’d love to hear your successes and failures. I’m scoring this a success, though I need another soon.









Reviews needed

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 10.50.26 AM

Perhaps you didn’t know that I now have six books out.

I do, it’s true.

(Also two more on the way, but that’s beside the point;o)

You have probably read a few of them, if not most of them, and for that I am very very grateful.

But perhaps you forgot to leave a review? I know you liked it, but maybe now you could tell the world. For me? Pretty please?

My reviews are great, but there aren’t many, and the lack thereof is hindering my ability to sell, market, and seek accolades.

So, if you’ve read any of the above books, and liked them. Please follow the links below and leave a simple review.



This story knocked my socks off, literally and figuratively, but I wear flipflops now, so it’s all good. Bravo!

See how easy that was?

Here are the links:

Bright (Book One of The Estelle Series)

Beyond (Book Two of The Estelle Series)

Belief (Book Three of The Estelle Series)

Fly: The Light Princess Retold

Violet’s Mountain

Leveling (a novella)

Being Prolific

It has been noted in my hearing that I am writing a lot. Which is true. I published my first book in January of 2014 and now there are 6. If you blinked you might have missed a few book releases recently.

The cool part is that the books are still there, waiting for you here.

I have two  three that I’m working on, Leveling 2 (it’s in final edits), Leveling 3 (It’s in first draft, one scene down) and a new one that’s hard to describe.

It’s a love story. Two best friends attempting to navigate becoming lovers, when they are interrupted by the death of a mom. And, it is contemporary Los Angeles. Plus there is a lot of Mary Queen of Scots. Also, they both surf. In addition, there is a love triangle. Bonus! There is a hottie musician. Lots of stuff happens.

I’m 35,000 words in and like every book, it’s my best ever. Which is a tall order, because have you seen my reviews? They’re awesome.

This book, Belief, was published last month. If you haven’t read it yet, but you’ve been following Estelle’s story, you’ll want to. She becomes so much more.


Buy it here.

Only one review so far, but it says this:

5.0 out of 5 stars Magical
This entire series is perfect. Zany and fun and heartwarming and deep. I’m in love with the characters. Please say there will be more stories to come!!!
Thank you to everyone for reading my books and enjoying the stories and reviewing them kindly and asking for more. I’m literally writing as fast as I can ;o)

Belief (Book 3 of The Estelle Series) is published

I really hope you enjoy.

It’s a coming-into-(her own)-power story about a young girl who takes on an authoritarian government. The story is full of good friends, tight-knit families, love-sweet-love and not one but two boys, also fashion, protest, stolen kisses, and a pretty awesome chase scene. There’s definitely that moment where you wonder, What Can Happen Next? Did I mention parties? Rock stars? Truck drivers and Old Endearing Farmers? As in most of my books there’s a bit of surfing and a dash of wishful thinking. Also, the government is definitely poisoning the water system, so really something must be done. And lastly don’t forget the cat named Walden. He kind of saves the day around the middle of our story. (It gets worse again.)

There’s drama, excitement, plans are made, some fail, some succeed, but in the end, nothing can be done but the only thing that’s left.

I think you will love it and here’s a small taste:

“This is how Cj explained it.” William swept his arm toward the woods. “We have a tree, that’s our culture and our government, our hierarchy of power. The branches and leaves are the parts that show, our fashion and designs, like our water system and medicines and our sky projectors and all the other things.”

We walked closer to the tree and looked up into the branches.

He said, “In all of that, we—you and me and everyone else—we’re the roots. Now, some of us, we see the leaves are not right, they need to be changed. So we’re trying to change them but there’s this whole system between us and the change. It’s standing in the way, but the leaves are flashy and sparkly and we’ve focused all our attention on them.”

“Like we’re trying to fix the water system, but not doing anything about the disappearances.”

“Exactly. You originally wanted to turn off the sky projectors. To do that you built a farm and then you had to fight for the right to farm. Along the way you had to fight for the right to publish. To not be imprisoned. We’ve been fighting over all these individual leaves for a long time.”  

I said, “We need to deal with the trunk.”

“That’s where the power is.”

I laughed. “That will be easy.”

William said, “Chainsaw.”

I said, “Is that what cuts trees? I wouldn’t know, I’ve lived as a root my whole life.”

William threw his arm around me and hugged me close as we walked. “Did I tell you today how much I love you?”



Buy the ebook on Amazon

The print book will be ready soon!