Order Advance Fly, Signed!

Fly goes for sale on September 15.
If you insist on a real print book, in full color beauty, signed and kissed by me, and lovingly boxed and shipped, I do that.

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Order your copy today and I’ll ship it in about two weeks. With special fun gifts, like a bookmark and other things that are awesome. Want to read more about it? Go to this page: Fly

Location in the World!

If you can’t wait and you’re an e-book reader you can pre-order here, I won’t kiss it but I’m sending love your way!:

Almost all Kickstarter Rewards have been sent!

I still have four left to take to the Post Office. That will happen over the next week…

If you’ve read the book now, and feel so inclined, a review on Amazon would be wonderful! And tell your friends!


HD Knightley

The e-book and my good reads account

The e-book has a review ;o)

Different and Intriguing YA story  I won’t link to  every review here (and definitely not the poor ones) but it’s my first, so I felt it was auspicious.

My good reads author account is here: HDKnightley  Many of you have already been listed as friends because the kind people of goodreads made it so that I could just link my Facebook account. Alas, the kind people of goodreads haven’t made it convenient for different pen names to be linked. Some of you may be confused by who I actually am.  I’m that lady, who wrote the novel, and once upon the time created comics under another name. That clears it up I’m sure.


Print books will be ready this week as soon as Createspace and I figure out what I mean by a full bleed cover.

also, my new book based on The Light Princess is at 45,000 words. I’m calling it Fly.



My Kickstarter Campaign is up and running!

I’m attempting to raise $2500 to pay for my editor and the other costs of publishing  my first novel, Bright. The campaign is through Kickstarter.com and is going for 25 days. Until November 19. I could really use everybody’s help. Even $1 moves me closer to the goal, and kickstarter is all or nothing, if I don’t get to the goal I get nothing.

Three days in I’ve already had $700 promised! That’s so great, thank you to everyone who signed on.

Here’s my kickstarter video (it was riotous fun to make;o):