New reviews…

Thank you for the lovely new reviews my awesome readers!

For Sid and Teddy:

***** 5 stars – One wave after another
February 20, 2018

A story to make your heart race – for the young at heart. It’s not a moral tale, but a story of the beginning of life together. Well-written and the interest is sustained throughout.

***** 5 Stars – Fantastic read! I loved Sid and Teddy!
February 15, 2018

I liked the way Sid and Teddy told the story in their own words, and I found them to be very endearing and realistic characters. I fell in love with Teddy, but I also fell for Gavin for a bit there, too. Like a lot of love stories, it was a bit complicated, yet true love triumphed in the end.

The book is fun, yet deep and thought-provoking, and it runs the emotional gamut. I laughed and I cried. There were super sad events, surprise twists, and fun adventures woven throughout. I also loved Sid’s obsession with Mary, and I enjoyed the way Mary’s story was intertwined.

Just like in real life, some awful things happened, but then became wonderful opportunities for some of the characters to grow closer. The overall message was uplifting and hopeful. I was captivated by this book, & I didn’t want to put it down.

I live in Los Angeles, and reading this reminded me of a lot of the reasons I love it here. I’d recommend the book to anyone, but I think mostly young women will enjoy it.

And then there was this one (not a five star, but included an impassioned plea at the end for more reviews. I completely concur):

*** 3 Stars – Not my category romance , not my cup of tea, but may be the sugar to your tea
February 5, 2018
…Just because it is not my cup of tea, does not mean it will not be the sugar to your tea.
And if you do read it. Leave a review for the book. I see it is not many 🙁 and authors need to be appreciated for there hard work. for writing these books that occupy our minds. especially the authors who’s books are part of kindle unlimited 🙂

Thank you lovelies. Now I’m back to writing the next book!

Recent reviews…

One of the readers I met last year at the Amelia Island Book Festival wrote to me:

“Even if I’m not getting much out of the “hunky” guys you put in the book, I read them for the worlds you have created. A guy reading YA romance novels doesn’t seem normal but I don’t see your style anywhere else.” – E.

He was talking about Bright, Beyond and Belief, and made my day with that email.

Another reader said:

“I’m sorry that I’ve forgotten, but have I told you how amazing you and your books are?” -M.

She may have made my whole year so far.

I also got a new awesome review on Sid and Teddy:

***** Such a good read! Engaging and heartfelt, but not at all cotton-candy. Loved it.

Thank you so much!