The e-book and my good reads account

The e-book has a review ;o)

Different and Intriguing YA story  I won’t link to  every review here (and definitely not the poor ones) but it’s my first, so I felt it was auspicious.

My good reads author account is here: HDKnightley  Many of you have already been listed as friends because the kind people of goodreads made it so that I could just link my Facebook account. Alas, the kind people of goodreads haven’t made it convenient for different pen names to be linked. Some of you may be confused by who I actually am.  I’m that lady, who wrote the novel, and once upon the time created comics under another name. That clears it up I’m sure.


Print books will be ready this week as soon as Createspace and I figure out what I mean by a full bleed cover.

also, my new book based on The Light Princess is at 45,000 words. I’m calling it Fly.