New Covers (For literally everything!)

The first cover I changed belongs to Sid and Teddy. I absolutely love how it turned out. It’s so fresh and as my newest baby looks pretty and like it smells good. It also has its very first review, five stars. So there you go. Want to read it? You can for free for like, another day.  But if you’re already convinced that it will be worth it, you can buy it at all the usual places, check my catalog here: Sid and Teddy






The second cover belongs to Violet’s Mountain. This one is perfect. Exactly how I wanted it to look. I hope you like and if you haven’t taken a chance on the story yet, now that it’s all cleaned up… (sadly I can’t offer it to you for free, while it’s in Kindle Select exclusively, but follow this link if you want to buy a copy.) Violet’s Mountain







Then I altered Fly: The Light Princess Retold ever so slightly. Simple is always better, now it’s like a cool breeze, much like the hero of our story, Amelia. The flightiest princess you’ll ever love. Available for free here, for a limited time: Fly














Lastly, I made Bright so much better, and improved Beyond a bit too. I also added a tag line and the number that each book is within the trilogy. You can get a copy of Bright for free here: But it’s always for free everywhere now. Check my catalog page for your favorite store: Catalog