My book Violet’s Mountain is now on Audible, whoo hoo!! And if you sign up for a free audible trial you can listen to it for free (cancel anytime.) The narrator is the fabulous Matt Meyer who totally got Edmund, deep and tortured, but with a bit of surfer vibe. Awesome.

Violet’s Mountain on Audible, whoo hoo!
Bright on Audible too, oh yeah!
I also have Bright on Audible too! Bright is read by Robin Jill, and she captures the first person angst of my heroine Estelle brilliantly. Perfectly. Exuberantly.

(I’m in editing mode on a book and plucking from its pages hundreds of adverbs so I shall pepper them thoroughly here.)

(lately, I hae also found myself prone to the overuse of shalls and thy and thous, because the highlander I’m writing right now has a way with words. Tis spilling over to my day to day.)