YA – Romance Promo



It’s hard to love someone when you’ve been best friends forever, it’s complicated.
A teen discovers her pet ferret talking with a Scottish accent and mayhem ensues.
Brielle’s greatest wish is to escape her desert prison and become a full-fledged genie, but when she finally gets her chance, the real world is more complicated than she could ever imagine.
To fulfill his destiny, he’ll have to uncover hers.
Stepbrother and stepsister must learn to get along in order to help raise their orphaned siblings.
When demons kidnap Ariel’s mother, she discovers a hidden realm populated by demons who feed on fear. Now, in order to kill the master demon and rescue her mother, she must learn to use her mind as a weapon.
Reasonable things will never bring you joy as much as unreasonable ones do.
Crime fighting superheroes and quirky flying horse tackle alien killers in fun adventure and romance.
The happy ending she’s never had, and a choice between true love and eternity… young love can be unstoppable, but is it enough for Cassidy and Riley?
The prequel to the epic Prime Prophecy Series – her heart or her pack?
What do you do when the future isn’t a bed of roses?
Kay tries to break free of Carter, but he raises the emotional ante and attempts suicide right in front of her. That act pulls her right back to his side. Kay knows she cannot stay with Carter. She knows that his next attempt may be fatal. But she wants, above all, to live her life on her own terms – not on somebody else’s.
A prequel to The Great Keeper series. What will Captain Dana Reeves do when she discovers that her lover and ally in a battle against bio-engineering evil company is not what he seems?